Soups & Starters

Cream of Garlic Soup 


Herb-Pancake Consommé - local speciality

3,20 €

Noodles in Consommé

2,90 €

Liver Dumpling Soup

3,50 €

Bavarian Pot of Soup

4,50 €


Nürnberger grilled sausages on Sauerkraut

4,50 €

Bavarian Creamed Cheese and Creamed Camembert served with baguette

3,90 €

Fried Emmentaler with Cranberry Jelly and baguette

4,90 €

Bavarian Mixed Starter Platter for Two 

7,50 €



Pepper Steak with French Fries

19,50 €

Sirloin steak in an onion gravy served with fried potatoes and fried onions

18,50 €

Grilled rump steak with a garlic crust served with Rösti potato and fried onion rings

18,50 €

Grilled rump steak served with a large mixed salad

17,90 €

Rump steak served with herb butter, broccoli and an oven-baked potato

18,50 €



Oven-baked vegetable strudle and potato strudle on a tomato-herb sauce with a salad garnish

7,90 €

Oven-baked potato with sour cream

6,50 €



Deep-fried seabass served with Tartar Sauce and French fries

11,90 €

Gegrilltes local char fish served with Rösti potato and Broccoli

15,90 €

Grilled pike-perch fish served with boiled potatoes

15,90 €


House Specials

Allgäuer Pfanne

Grilled beef and pork medallions in a cream sauce served with homemade Spätzle noodles and fresh vegetables

18,50 €

Western Spieß

Tender medallions of pork and beef with grilled peppers, sweetcorn and crispy bacon. Side-orders: potato wedges, deep-fried onions and 3 sauces

19,50 €


Grilled beef steak on green beans with herb butter and fried onions with French fries

18,50 €

Allgäuer Holzfällerschnitzel

Escalope of pork served grilled with mushrooms, cheese and crispy bacon and French fries

16,50 €



Chicken Caesar Salad

9,90 €

Allgäuer Salatplatte

Fresh salad with ham, cheese and egg from the local region

8,90 €

Hansele's Salatplatte

House salad with deep-fried prawns

10,50 €


Regional Dishes

Baked potato with bacon, cheese and sour cream

6,90 €


Local dish of sauerkraut in fried pastry

7,90 €


Bavarian cheese noodles served with fried onions and a green salad

8,90 €

Escalope of pork served fried in breadcrumbs and served with French fries

9,90 €

Escalope of pork in a cream sauce served with mushrooms and homemade Bavarian noodles

9,90 €

Hearty vension goulash served with a dumpling and cranberry jelly

13,90 €

Schwangauer Leibgericht

Fillet of pork served in a mushroom-cream sauce with sauerkraut filled pastries and Bavarian cheese noodles

15,50 €

Hansele's Schmankerlplatte

A delicious selection of Bavarian specialties for two

22,80 €


Chicken Dishes

Strips of chicken served in a ricotta-tomato sauce with tagliatelle

11,90 €

Deep-fried breast of chicken in breadcrumbs served with fried potatoes and fresh vegetables

11,90 €


Cold Dishes

Hansele's Brotzeitbrettl

A delicious selection of cold meats and cheeses from the Allgäu region served with fresh bread

9,90 €

Allgäuer Käsebrettl

A cheese platter with a great selection of local cheeses served with bread

9,90 €


A selection of smoked, cooked and cured hams from the Allgäu region served with fresh bread

9,90 €

Cold loin of pork served with mild mustard and fresh bread

7,90 €

Schweizer Wurstsalat

Swiss-style sausage meat salad served with Emmentaler cheese, onion and in an oil-vinegar dressing.  Served with bread

7,50 €